Swansea Locksmith Services

24 Hour Locksmiths

Champs Locksmiths proudly offer a 24 hour, 365 days a year service for Swansea, Neath, Port Talbot and Llanelli areas. Our focus is to get to you fast and get you sorted out.

Emergency locksmith services include door lock repairs due to break ins and burglaries. Door opening due to lost keys or snapped keys.

When we attempt to gain entry, we utilize the latest lock picking techniques and non destructive methods so that if you just left your keys inside, there is no need to replace the lock and an increased price for a locksmith. 

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Change Lock On Door

Door locks come in many different shapes and sizes. You may have a euro cylinder, yale night latch, oval cylinder or mortice lock.

If you need to change the locks, Champs Locksmiths stock many different door locks to match your door. Each lock mentioned will have a range of sizes and it is very important you have to correct size fitted to suit your door. If not, it can be a security risk.

When selecting a new lock you also have a choice on security level. We can fit a basic door lock or one with a high security level than has anti snap features and are British Standard insurance approved.

Sheriff Officer and Bailiff Work

Champs Locksmiths work with many property management companies across South Wales to provide maintenance services. We have worked alongside Sheriff Officers and Bailiffs for evictions and meter installations.

Get in touch if you require a Swansea Locksmiths for repossessions or similar work.

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UPVC Door and Window Repairs

Champs Locksmiths offer customers in Swansea, Neath, Port Talbot and Llanelli a fast, affordable lock repair and lock replacement service. Reliable and effective locks are an essential part of keeping your home secure. 

Locks can fail unexpectedly and in most cases will need to be replaced. There are however times when a lock can be repaired. If we are able to identify an opportunity to repair a failed lock we are able to save our customers money which makes us everyone happy.

Change Locks On Windows

Champs Locksmiths are able to replace window locks at competitive prices. If you have UPVC  windows, aluminium windows or wood, we have handles and locks to suit you. 

Window keys are much smaller than door keys and are easily misplaced. People tend to put them somewhere out of the way in the winter and forget where by the time the sun comes out in the summer.  Get in touch for a free estimate today.

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Garage Door Locks

Garage door lock replacement service available from Champs Locksmiths. These differ to door locks as they only have one key side. They can be difficult to change yourself and making sure you install the correct size is crucial.

If installed incorrectly you could leave yourself open to lock snapping. Call today for a free estimate.

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Key Snapped, Broken Or Stuck In Lock

Broken key call outs are fairly common in Swansea, Neath, Port Talbot and Llanelli. It’s very easy to break a key off inside a door lock. Once done you may still be able to open the door, however you would still need to call a locksmith to carefully remove the broken key.

Keys can break away in older lock barrels due to corrosion and rust causing the barrel to stick. Some WD-40 may help but lock replacement is recommended to ensure no issues in the future.

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UPVC Multi Point Locking Systems

Multi Point Locking Systems or MPLS are found on all door types but more common on UPVC doors.

Sometimes we only need to replace the gearbox on them instead of the full mechanism which means we can keep the cost low.

Prices vary from make to make and but usually start from £160 for a full mechanism replacement.